You Don’t Know What You’re Missing

You Don’t Know What You’re Missing.


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Three years later…

I have graduated with my MBA, I have maintained my weight loss, and I want to transition into a new career.  I love my job.  It is highly specialized with little room for growth.  As the breadwinner in the family (my husband is disabled and cannot work) it falls on me to earn the income.

I’ve joined Toastmasters and I will be giving my 10th speech on May 6.  (Those of you in Toastmasters know what that means!)  I feel like I’m still waiting for the next thing to happen.


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I beat breast cancer and lost forty pounds…what else can I do?

I heard about WordPress through Cynopsis, a trade e-zine for the broadcasting industry.

I have worked in broadcasting for most of my career,  majoring in TV/Radio Production in college.  I am married with two grown children.

In April 2008 I found a free website that helped me focus my weight loss efforts.  A month later, I’d lost six pounds when the surgeon told me that the biopsy he’d done on a lump in my breast was positive for cancer.

I went out to my car, cried, then went to the gym.  I wasn’t going to let breast cancer get in the way of losing weight.

I kept up with the weight loss program, hit my goal weight in the middle of my chemo, and have been cancer free ever since treatment ended in January of 2009.  I have maintained my new weight for more than two years now.

Those two events inspired me to ask myself, “I beat breast cancer and lost forty pounds…what else can I do?”

To that end, I have applied to and been accepted into a professional MBA program at the local university.  I will be going for my Masters in Business Administration starting next month.

I’m starting this blog to reach out to other broadcast professionals, other breast cancer survivors, other people on their own weight loss journey, and any other people who are looking around at their life and thinking, “I can do more, I can do better.”

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